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Card Making Interview with Sam Grant

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Click the images to see Sam Grant talk about the card in the video...

0:58 Pug - birthday card

5:42 Elephant - new baby card

8:25 Beach – valentine’s card

12:40 Christening card

15:10 Dogs on a bouncy castle card

20:42 Anniversary card

23:13 Easter card

25:40 Bombay Sapphire – father’s day card

29:35 Pearl anniversary card with intertwined trees

33:44 Annie – birthday card

35:54 Graduation card

40:10 Pokémon – birthday card

45:13 Piano – Christmas card

48:55 AnimeZ card

59:46 Dog – father’s day

1:01:59 Champagne card

1:06:52 Smaugust dragon card

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