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SpLinterZine Issue 1: Guide

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Thank you all for checking out our first ever issue of SpLinterZine.

Our talented SpLinter members have been preparing this for months and we are finally able to showcase this.

“Handbags at Dawn” This is a fun short play performed and written by Holly Ling and Hayley Todd. They had made it during lockdown over Zoom during their drama lesson.

“Frank & Ryan Manchester United Interview” Recently both Frank Lyford and Ryan Goldstien made the trip to see their favourite team, Manchester United play against Brighton at their own ground, Trafford Park. Frank interviewed Ryan as it was his first time making the trip.

“Xeo Vihar” This is a story very loosely inspired the classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen. The piece follows the life of the main character, Xeo Vihar. The writer may update the title of this story in the future. This piece was written by Callum Stone.

“Card Making Interview with Sam Grant” Dennis Kinghorn interviews Sam about his card making hobby. Not only do we get to listen but throughout the interview Sam shows off the cards that he has made.

“Phantom Car of Sol City – Part 1” This audio book was written and directed by Dennis Kinghorn and performed by Jordan Thompson. In the year 2044, Arthur Stone is sent to Sol City to uncover the mysteries behind a disaster involving robot taxis.

“Song Quest 1: New Years Day – Report” Dennis reflects on the first ever Song Quest and reviews the songs that filled out the top three spots.

To celebrate the launch of our first ever SpLinterZine, we are running a Song Quest competition.

What is Song Quest?

In Song Quest you get giving a theme and you must find the best song that fits that theme. Last time it was “New Years” and for this Song Quest we want you to find us a song that fits the theme of “Difference is good”

I have put together the form which explains the full rules and I included tips from jury members and the champion of the “New Years” Song Quest.

To enter fill out this form:

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